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Atlanta Annual Meeting

GAPI 2014 Annual Meeting

Atlanta, Georgia

Dates: Friday and Saturday April 18th and 19th, 2014

Place: Chateau Élan
100 Rue Charlemagne Drive
Braselton, GA 30517
Phone:678 – 425-​0900 x 41

Agenda For Friday April 18th, 2014

4 PM to 6 PM : Registration, Social hour

7 PM to 8 PM : Educational Meeting
Type 2 Diabetes
Renal disorders

8 PM to 9 PM : Dinner

9 PM to Onward : Comedian Sunil Thakkar and Musical Night

Augusta Regional Meeting

GAPI Augusta Regional Meeting Saturday February 1st, 2014

Article: Regional Meeting

GAPI Valdosta Regional Meeting

What: Valdosta Regional GAPI meeting (arranged by Dr. Gupta)
When: Saturday, 18 Jan 2014
Location: Board room at Mink Chiropractic
401 Northside Dr, Valdosta Georgia 31602

Sponser: Hanover Advisors Inc.
Arranged by Dr. Gupta

Stephen Francis Molyneaux represented Hanover Advisors, while educating everyone present about Financial risk and benefit of investment. His power-point presentation on the topic showcased various graphs, numbers and figures. A short question-answer session followed toward the end of his presentation.

Dr. Manoj Shah, President elect of MAG (Medical Association of Georgia) announced what is happening in the medical field with new rules & regulations.

Lastly, Dr. Piyush Patel, president of GAPI updated the group about GAPI & advancement of GAPI free clinic

President's Message

President's Message

Dear Friends,

First of all, let me thank all of you for your contribution to this remarkable milestone in the history of GAPI! I applaud the commitment, leadership, innovation, and vision that all of the GAPI members have given to make our 25th anniversary possible this year. To our veterans, we celebrate your continued dedication to GAPI; to our newest members, welcome to the family.

To commemorate GAPI’s extraordinary achievement, the Shankar Mahadevan's show at the Cobb Energy Center on June 23rd, 2013 was a marvelous success for both GAPI and AAPI. The theme of the show was “100 years of Bollywood” and was thoroughly enjoyed. Unquestionably, the highlight of the program was fund-raising for GAPI’s philanthropic activities and purposes like Childhood Obesity Awareness, GAPI free clinic, health fairs, the bone marrow drive, and more.

I have planned a busy and exciting year, including regional meetings and health fairs. The regional meetings are very educational and informative, but they are also based on networking, brotherhood and a partnership of equals. We welcome participation from all members and non-members who want to contribute.

With the rate at which healthcare is changing in America, it is important that everybody gets involved. We encourage our members to provide the leadership, dedication, and thoughtful input that are necessary to ensure the continued strength and presence of GAPI. Although our organization is still growing, we can have a tremendous impact.

I plan to complete the year with a annual meeting, which will span over two days. I encourage all the members and physicians of Indian heritage to plan to attend the meeting on April 18-19, 2014.

Piyush B. Patel. M.D.


GAPI Networking Event Feedback from Georgia Tech


I attended the GAPI Networking Event as a Georgia Tech student and really enjoyed myself. The PowerPoint presentation was very helpful, and I really appreciated how open Dr. Garg was. I am always afraid that it will be the same information that I have heardover and over again, but he helped me open my mind to other factors I should consider when applying to medical school.

As pre-med students, we really appreciated the fact that so many doctors were willing to be shadowed by us, something that can be hard to find when one does not have familial or personal connections, and I know the Georgia Tech students really appreciated that. The only feedback I have for that is to possibly attach the field of practice and location of work for each doctor, but just having their contact info was incredible. We will be sure to contact you all with questions as we think of them about applying to medical school as well as medical school itself and life afterwards.

No other outside organization has expressed the same amount of interest to Georgia Tech pre-med students as GAPI has, and we cannot wait for next year's event - it will be bigger and better!

Thank you,

Advocacy Chair for Georgia Tech's American Medical Student Association

Welcome To GAPI

Georgia Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage (GAPI) was first established in 1987. From informal meetings it became a fully organized entity due to vision of our founding physicians. It has been in existence for over 20 years and now serves more then 1200 physicians across all of Georgia. We have more then 300 life members.

The main purpose of GAPI is to serve our members and other physicians of Indian Heritage in different ways including:

  • Promote scientific, educational, civic and professional activities.
  • Provide a forum for sharing information of common interest.
  • Act as a liaison between various professional organizations in USA and India.

Our annual meeting is usually held in April of each year when a new executive committee is elected. In addition we keep several regional meetings across Georgia to provide access to as many members as possible.

The GAPI Charitable Foundation Provides Merit and need based scholarships to several students each year.