President's Message

Dear Friends,

It is a great honor and privilege for me to assume the role of President of GAPI. I accept the position as the President of GAPI with humility because it is not an easy task and I am certain that despite my best efforts, I will disappoint some of you some times. I commit to provide the leadership GAPI requires in order to achieve its objectives and implement its strategies, and commit to listen and respond to your needs as members and work very closely with our board of trustees and executive committee.

We have come a long way since GAPI came into existence in 1987. The scope of GAPI has considerably broadened since inception in many aspects from social net working & CMEs to providing healthcare to the needy people. My hats off to the past presidents who have steered GAPI along this dynamic road have done so in a responsive and measured way, ensuring appropriate adjustment and continuity in GAPI’s mission & vision. For the next one year, I would take you through a journey that is beyond medicine, working with other organizations and taking part in the socially conscious community projects in our own backyard.

GAPI for the first time in the history will join hands with Pakistani Physicians Association (APPNA) to conduct a free health fair next month at Global mall

GAPI Annual Meeting 2015

Fairytale fundraiser raises awareness

By Morgan Nalley

“Once Upon a Time - Beauty and the Beast” was performed to a sold out crowd on Oct. 26 at the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center. The production was presented by GAPI to benefit both Georgia’s veterans and victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. (Special photo: Venkat Kuttua Photography)"

On Oct. 26, the Georgia Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage (GAPI) presented a production characterized by mesmerizing choreography and incredible costumes, all in the name of charity. “Once Upon a Time — Beauty and the Beast” was performed to a sold out crowd at the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center to raise money for both Georgia’s veterans and victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking


Honorable Governor Nathan Deal's Letter to GAPI

GAPI Congratulates Mr. N. Modi,
The New PM of the World's Largest Democracy

Mr. Narendra Modi with his 90 year old mother

Dear Friends,

Recently, I had the opportunity of learning about Modi’s interesting past personal/social/business adventures while having dinner with Georgia’s most successful physician entrepreneur who also hails from Gujarat. Mr. Narendra Modi, first time in three decades, captured an outright legislative majority, giving the BJP a strong position from which to push for broad reforms of Asia's third-biggest economy. India is in the midst of rapid socio-economic change and about 13 million young people are entering the job market each year, but not enough jobs are being created in an economy that has slowed down to below 5 percent in the last two years


Welcome To GAPI

Georgia Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage (GAPI) was first established in 1987. From informal meetings it became a fully organized entity due to vision of our founding physicians. It has been in existence for over 25 years and now serves more then 2000 physicians across all of Georgia.

The main purpose of GAPI is to serve our members and other physicians of Indian Heritage in different ways including:

  • Promote scientific, educational, civic and professional activities.
  • Provide a forum for sharing information of common interest.
  • Act as a liaison between various professional organizations in USA and India.

Our annual meeting is usually held in April of each year when a new executive committee is elected. In addition we keep several regional meetings across Georgia to provide access to as many members as possible.

The GAPI Charitable Foundation Provides Merit and need based scholarships to several students each year.